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Cell Phones

Prepaid Phones

The Best Rated Prepaid Cell Phone Companies

When you are in the market for a new cell phone, the first thing you have to decide is whether you want a contract or a prepaid phone. Most people are going to go with a prepaid phone simply because it is more affordable on a tight budget. Once you decide which kind of phone you want, you have to decide where you want to get it. Fortunately, there are plenty of prepaid cell phone companies for you to choose from. Some of these companies exclusively sell prepaid plans. So, you do not have to worry about an aggressive salesman tricking you into committing to a contract....(more)

Cheap Prepaid Cell Phones for Kids

As a parent, there is going to come a time when your child is going to ask you for a cell phone. However, acquiring a cell phone for your child can be a difficult decision. This is especially true for a parent who is over protective. Fortunately, there are plenty of cheap prepaid cell phones that are geared towards children. There is no reason why you cannot get a cell phone for your child, if you feel that the child is ready to have one. Cell phones are great ways to keep in touch with your loved ones and make sure your children are safe....(more)

Save Money by Choosing the Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan

There is nothing wrong with looking to save a few bucks by choosing the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans you can find. The most important thing for you to remember is that you are going to need to dig a little deeper than AT&T and T-Mobile, if you are serious about saving some money. While individuals feel safe with cell phone providers they know, the well-known providers tend to have more expensive prepaid plans. There are plenty of lesser known cell phone providers that offer dirt cheap prepaid plans. All you have to do is a little research and be willing to give them a try....(more)

Advantages of Using the Old Samsung Flip Phone

People will often choose prepaid cell phones because they are a bit cheaper than monthly cell phones. However, this can depend on what company is used to purchase the phone. Old Samsung flip phones are among the most common older flip phones still used today. Purchased through AT&T, there are several types of old Samsung flip phones....(more)

Smart Phones

Unlimited Text Plans: Ways to Save

One way to save money on your cellphone bill is to use texting to communicate instead of your voice. If you are interested in writing messages and not calling, be sure to get a phone that is capable of texting. There are many models with different functions depending on your personal preferences. Here is a rundown of some companies that offer good, cheap texting phones if you sign up for one of a variety of different service plans....(more)

The Best Phones for Surfing the World Wide Web

Web browsers come standard on all smartphones on the market. Many companies have made great strides in making their websites available on various mobile platforms, making nearly all sites look similar on your phone or on your computer. Because browser choices are largely a personal preference, they do not have a major impact on the quality of your online experience as long as they function properly. Technical items like large, high-resolution screens and the ability to zoom while retaining text and image sharpness commonly enhance the smartphone user's browsing experience....(more)

Smartphones: What are They?

Smartphones are versatile and allow their users to perform a variety of tasks that a standard cell phone does not. Nearly every major cell phone company in America has at least one smartphone available. These phones should be seen as a major investment because of their cost, which can range from $200-$400 dollars. Before anyone buys a smartphone, they should know the definition of smartphone, what its capabilities are, and which phone they should choose to best fit their needs and budget....(more)

Cell Phones

The Difference Between Jailbreaking and Android Rooting Phones

Most people use their smartphones for texting, calling, surfing the Web, checking email, etc. Others, not simply content with just doing those rudimentary tasks, have an insatiable urge to take full control of their phone's capabilities and tweak the software to their heart's desire. If you are part of this camp, whether you are an Android or iPhone aficionado, it is important to know the differences between jailbreaking and rooting and their respective pros and cons....(more)

The Best Cellular Service Plans for Large Families

With age comes responsibility. With responsibility come bills. As you watch your family grow, you are also watching your need for the quality and value of your phone service to grow as well. The question of "What is the best cellular service plan for large families?" comes down to a matter of preference....(more)

Cellphones redux 2

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