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Cell Phones

MMS Messaging

What is MMS Messaging and Why is it so Popular?

Everyone understands the dynamics of sending a short message service (SMS) text. You have probably been texting for years now. However, MMS texting is the step above SMS texting. MMS is multimedia message service. You can use MMS texts to send pictures and longer text messages. To learn more about...(more)

From Your Camera to the World: MMS Picture Messaging

An MMS is an inexpensive and easy way to share photos you have taken with your phone camera. MMS picture messaging is the way to show your view of the world. Sending such a message can easily be done in a few simple steps, and it doesn't require much time...(more)

A List of the Best Cell Phones for Text Messaging

If you do a lot of MMS messaging with your cell phone, then you know how important the keyboard can be. Knowing the best text messaging phones will help your texting. With all the options cell phones have, it can be confusing. Phones are not all created the same and...(more)

Understanding SMS Messaging

SMS messaging is an abbreviation for short messaging service. Instead of placing a phone call, you type a simple text message to another person. This saves time and is more convenient in many ways. Many businesses have capitalized on SMS messaging to promote offers and products to their patrons. If...(more)

Future Technology

Cell Phone Options for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Cell phones are primarily tools for listening. However, as technology advances, more and more resources will be available for those who are unable to hear. Today's technology showcases many tools for those who are deaf; cell phone accessories and plans abound. This list contains information on products that make communication easier for those who are hard of hearing. While not every tool will work in every situation, there are choices available no matter what your level of hearing....(more)

New Technology for Hearing Impaired Cell Phones

Cell phones are a major part of society and they keep you connected in many ways. People who are hearing impaired need to stay connected as well, but require specially equipped cell phones. When searching for a hearing impaired compatible cell phone, there are key features to keep in mind. If you or someone you know has difficulty hearing and needs a cell phone, the following article contains helpful information you need to know....(more)

Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds With Talk and Text Phones

Deciding on a cell phone can be a hard decision with all the talk and text phones available and knowing that future technology changes so fast. Phones change so fast because technology is constantly updating and changing, so it can be hard to know which phone to get now. As technology changes, the phone you buy today will still work with newer technology. Using a list to get ideas of phones that are great for talking and texting helps you find the right one for you....(more)

Cell Phone

Things to Look for when Purchasing a Cell Phone Online

Getting a decent online deal on a good mobile phone can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. With so many online deals available, one may not know where to start. However, you shouldn't give up since a good search will normally pay off. One of the best reasons for buying a phone online is that you get good value for your money....(more)